Great Exam Results!

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As many of our readers are aware, the Government has made significant changes to the ways in which we interpret our GCSE results.  In previous years, schools were judged on the percentage of students who achieved 5 or more GCSE grades at Grades A*-C, including English and Maths. 

However, a key new measure is known as Progress 8 – the results of every student at every grade in a larger number of students will count.  Progress 8 is based upon 8 pre-determined GCSE grades for each student.  The 8 “buckets” are:

  1. Maths (this counts twice)
  2. The highest of either English Language or English Literature (this counts twice)
  3. An EBacc subject (Science, Computer Science, History, Geography, Languages)
  4. A second EBacc subject
  5. A third EBacc subject
  6. An additional highest performing subject from a Department of Education approved list
  7. An additional second highest performing subject from a Department of Education approved list
  8. An additional third highest performing subject from a Department of Education approved list

The Progress 8 score for each school is the average of the students’ scores; this is then compared with the progress made by other GCSE students in the same year.  Obviously, on Results Day, a school cannot know what the national average is and it then becomes impossible to record and share an accurate Progress 8 score.  Hence the EIP (Education Improvement Partnership in Leicester City) has decided that it is not appropriate – and is potentially misleading – to share unvalidated data at this point. 

Final and official results will be published by the DFE in January.  A school’s score for Attainment 8 (the average of the 8 buckets) will also be made available then – schools have declined to share this information at this point.

 Students with GCSE results  Students with GCSE results  

Judgemeadow's GCSE Results

As a result of the hard work of our staff and students, we are delighted to share what we consider to be amongst our highest ever GCSE results.  There were some wonderful success stories and our Results Day was a delight.  Whilst we celebrate the achievement of all of our students, we are especially thrilled to share the results of two highly talented students. Our highest performing male student was Ahmed Elgaziari who achieved an outstanding 8A*, 1A and 1A^ (A* Distinction) for Further Maths; our highest achieving female student was Raeessah Burani with 8A* and 3As.  Well done to them!

Many departments made key improvements upon their results from last year.  In particular, in terms of the progress of our students, our high performing English Department managed to increase their results yet again for both English Language and Literature and all four Humanities subjects – History, Geography, Religious Studies and Sociology – also did so.  There were also significant improvements for our German, Spanish and PE Departments.

We are always very keen to ensure that our most able students achieve their potential. So we are delighted to report that over a fifth of the entered students achieved a Grade A*/A in the following subjects: Chemistry (20.7%), Child Development (21.7%), English Language (22.6%) and Gujarati (21.1%).  Over a quarter of the entered students achieved the highest grades in English Literature (25.1%), RS (27.2%), Physics (28.6%) and Spanish (29.5%). There were also some stunning other results in terms of the percentage of students who achieved A*/A.  An astounding 48.4% of our Further Maths students did so whereas 48.8% of our brilliant History students, 40.9% of our Sociology students, 33.3% of our Geography students, 33.3% of our Music Technology students and 32.1% of our Biology students also did so.  Wow and well done to them!

A new DFE accountability measure is one called “Basics” – the percentage of students who achieved a Grade C or above in both English and Maths.  The English and Maths Departments have worked very closely together this year and have tracked – and supported - the progress of our students very carefully.  Hence we are absolutely thrilled to share that 72.4% of our students achieved a Grade C or higher for both English and Maths.  Not only is this a significant increase upon last year’s results but it is also one of the highest Basics scores in Leicester City.  Separately, our Maths Department had an impressive 77% of our students achieving A*-C, with 77.9% securing A*-C for English (84.3% for Literature).

Another new DFE accountability measure is the percentage of students who achieved all EBacc subjects at Grades C and above.  We are pleased to report that over a third – 37.4% - of last year’s Year 11 did so.

Students with GCSE results

Well done to the Class of 2016, and a huge thank you to the teachers and parents/carers who supported them throughout their time at Judgemeadow.
We wish them continued success!